Educator Toolkit

Educator ToolkitWelcome to the Army education toolkit, an online resource for education professionals. This toolkit is designed to provide information about the U.S. Army’s education initiatives, share education resources currently available to students, parents and teachers, and demonstrate the Army’s commitment to the future of our nation.

Education is an essential component and an important building block for the future of today’s youth. The Army has long been an advocate of preparing the next generation of global citizens to tackle issues facing a changing world. The Army understands its responsibility to enable students by giving them the tools they need to attain the brightest and best futures in whatever educational or career path they choose after high school.

From internships to test-prep tools, the Army has created a diverse portfolio of no-cost educational programs and resources for teachers, coaches, school administrators and community organizations for use inside and outside the classroom.


The materials in the toolkit include:

STEM, CTE and the U.S. Army - Army and ACTE align STEM and CTE in a new infographic

Army Education 101 - a comprehensive overview of the Army's education initiatives

What is - an overview of the Army's education website and available resources

The U.S. Army and Education - Partnerships that make a difference – a brief overview of key partnerships between the Army and education, community and multicultural organizations

Army Education Whitepaper - a 2009 whitepaper that looks at Army's commmitment to education and its essential position in the educational and secondary success of the Nation's youth.

Tuition assistance info sheet – a brief overview of tuition assistance programs available through Army service

March2Success info sheet – a brief overview of the March2Success program and where you can learn more

JROTC info sheet – a brief overview of the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC)

ROTC info sheet – a brief overview of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC)

ACTE Issue Brief -- ACTE and the Army examine the role of career and technical education (CTE) in leadership development

Professional Development & Leadership Seminars – As part of its long-standing partnership, the U.S. Army is working with the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) to present an online seminar series on professional development and best practices in leadership training. New presentations will be continually added to this section.

  • Army 21st Century Career Pathways: Tony Castillo, Chief, Education Division, U.S. Army Recruiting Command, describes the career decision process recruiters and enlistees discuss before choosing a career path within the Army as well as the similarities between Army Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs) and civilian technical careers and the various career tools available to explore Army careers.
  • Leadership Basics: Lieutenant Colonel Richard Gussenhoven, Professor of Military Science at Fordham University, shares the fundamentals of leader development basics.
  • Conflict Management: Major Luis Martinez, Executive Officer at the Miami Recruiting Battalion, shares the best practices for managing conflict.
  • Team Management: Lieutenant Colonel Peter Wlaschin, Operations Officer at the 3rd Recruiting Brigade, discusses tips for team management.
  • Working with Limited Resources: Major Robert Wilson, Executive Officer at the Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion, share techniques and examples when working with limited resources.
  • Delegation: Major Kevin White, Assistant Professor of Military Science at Iowa State University, discusses the principals of effective delegation.
  • Decision Making: Major Patrick Walker, Assistant Professor of Military Science University of North Carolina -- Charlotte, presents best practices in decision making.


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