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BYU’s ROTC helps students achieve their goals

The Daily Universe | Oct 26, 2017

BYU’s ROTC program helps students with everything from financial aid, to job placement, to encouraging students to complete their education and succeed in the real world. BYU ROTC cadet Jerron Orton said the idea of joining the military can be scary for many students. “Students say stuff like, ‘I don’t want to join the military — I’ll get shot,'” Orton said. Orton explained joining the corps isn’t quite like what some people imagine it to be. “There are tons of non-combat jobs,” Orton said. “There are army medics who never see combat at all and just help soldiers with rehabilitation. There are signal corps officers who work on radios and never see a battlefield — and that’s just a few of the jobs out there.” Read more

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