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ACTE Hosts Online Seminar on Health Care – Listen Here

Feb 10, 2016

The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) and the U.S. Army recorded an online seminar titled, “Scholarship and Training Options for Students Pursing Health Care Careers,” on October 14, 2015. Captain Josette Noxon, Brigade Nurse Counselor, and Gina Riggs, EMS Director, Kiamichi Technology Center and member of ACTE’s Health Science Education Division, discussed the breadth of careers and professional opportunities available to students who pursue health care education and training through the Army, as well as the alignment between Army and civilian medical careers.

The U.S. Army offers 386 training/education programs in the medical field, including five master’s and eight doctorate degree-producing fields of study. Serving on the Army health care team sets young people up for successful careers, providing benefits like scholarships and leadership and skills training that can be transferred to the civilian sector.

Check out the seminar recording below to learn about the wide variety of health care careers in the Army, medical scholarships available, how ROTC enhances the college experience, and more.

Following the seminar, ACTE and the U.S. Army created an infographic to illustrate the various scholarship and training opportunities for health care careers available for Career and Technical Education students through the Army. Paths are described for both high school students and undergraduates below.

High school students should begin with the ASVAB Career Exploration Program to determine whether a health care MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) is the right fit. As for undergraduate students, they should start by exploring graduate programs that interest them as well as Army scholarships they might qualify for, such as the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP). HPSP qualifying students receive full tuition for any accredited medical, dental, veterinary, psychiatric nurse practitioner, psychology or optometry program, plus a monthly stipend of more than $2,000. More information about HPSP can be found here:

U.S. Army health care programs provide infinite opportunities for students interested in a fulfilling career in medicine. Take a look at the following infographic to explore your options and identify the next steps necessary to achieve your health care dreams. 


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