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U.S. Army Launches GoArmy Edge App for Coaches and Athletes

Sep 22, 2015

New App Leverages Army’s Leading Innovation Technology and Training Experience to Empower Coaches and Athletes

Football coaches work to mold the character and leadership skills of young athletes on a daily basis. Likewise, the U.S. Army is dedicated to advancing the success of students and youth across the United States, and has launched a new, free software application for coaches that helps them continue to support these young leaders.

GoArmy Edge uses the latest technologies to enhance coaching strategies by providing interactive playbooks, allowing players to view the plays as they are being executed in the 3D environment from the players’ perspective or from any position on the field. Through unprecedented detail and customization, GoArmy Edge takes virtual coaching simulation and training to a new level, helping improve football team performance through more effective and safer player practice capabilities.

“The GoArmy Edge app has changed the way we practice and prepare, because it gives us the ability to do things faster with less resources,” said Rob Everett, assistant football coach and defensive coordinator at Westfield High School in Chantilly, Virginia and a consultant on the project.

Sports possess many similarities with the Army, including how the shared values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage are key to achieving success, as well as physical fitness. Furthermore, the U.S. Army believes sports play a strong role in the leadership development of the nation’s young people and offer a strong developmental component to any educational curriculum. With this in mind, the Army looks forward to continuing to support coaches through applications such as GoArmy Edge.

“GoArmy Edge provides the Nation’s coaches and youth with a preeminent training experience to drive increased player and coach performance, so they can win for their teams like the U.S. Army expects to win when the American people call on us,” said Mark S. Davis, deputy assistant secretary of the Army (marketing).

With GoArmy Edge, coaches can put their playbooks onto a projector, TV screen, and/or tablet for optimal review during a team strategy session. Other key features of the GoArmy Edge app include:

  • Built-in Playbooks and Drills - GoArmy Edge comes loaded with built in playbooks and drills for the pro-style, spread, and wing-t offenses, which are mapped against even, odd, nickel, and dime defenses. Coaches also have access to hundreds of offensive and defensive formations, put together as virtual flashcards to test players.
  • Draw and Edit Your Plays - Draw routes, blocks, pre-snap motions and more to create plays. Use built-in tools to quickly select standard moves, set the ball on a hash or precisely align players.
  • Whiteboard - A pre-populated mode for instantly drawing plays and moving players around. Draw as fast as if using a whiteboard.
  • See Your Plays in Real-Time 3D - See offensive and defensive plays in 2D or in 3D virtual environments with accurate animations, timing, and ball-handling. View from any camera angle or player perspective to see it as they do on the field.
  • Precision Player Movements - Use the play editor to fine-tune player movements, such as first cuts, option handoffs, and more, in order to illustrate plays accurately.
  • Customize Uniforms - Customize uniforms to match team colors, style and numbers for your team and upcoming opponents.
  • Train - Set up drills for players to review formations and plays on their own with notes from the coach.
  • Shareable - Coaches can create personnel groups and invite other coaches and players to join in the app to share the information.

GoArmy Edge is available for free to schools of all sizes and can be used on both tablet and PC browsers. It is available to download through Apple’s App store and Google Play. For more information, visit

Coaches can contact their local Army recruiting station by pressing the unlock button to gain access to more features, including additional playbooks, as well as the ability to use drills in their own playbooks and modify players’ uniforms. Recruiters are also available to answer questions about the app and share tips on physical and mental fitness, as well as leadership training for athletes.

GoArmy Edge was produced by the Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center's Software Engineering Directorate Army Game Studio, located at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, and funded by the Army Marketing and Research Group.

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